Edition 21#

Back to Basic – How to iterate though an enumeration (Enum) in C# ? (Article)

Abhijit Jana

“The enum type is one of the common features that we used during almost every implementation. While the declarations and usages look very straightforward, there are many things we should be very clear about, and this topic is one of them.” (…)

A Serverless Computing Primer: A Comparison (Article)

Derric Gilling

“This breakdown of the big three serverless vendors (AWS, Azure, and Google) covers their strengths, their weaknesses, and how devs can best use them.” (…)

Serverless Architectures on AWS: With examples using AWS Lambda (Book)

Peter Sbarski

Serverless Architectures on AWS teaches you how to build, secure and manage serverless architectures that can power the most demanding web and mobile apps. Forewords by Patrick Debois (Founder of devopsdays) and Dr. Donald F. Ferguson (Columbia University).”(…)

Light up your Microservices with the Serverless Framework (Video)


“This is the recording of a session I hosted for the “VoxxedDays” conference in Belgrade. The talk is about the Serverless Framework and how it helps pushing the same codebase to Azure Functions, AWS Lambda and other cloud providers.” (…)

Serverless Architecture with Mike Roberts (Podcast)


““Serverless” usually refers to an architectural pattern where the server side logic is run in stateless compute containers that are event-triggered and ephemeral. ” (…)

Electron.NET (Github)


“Electron.NET is a wrapper around a “normal” Electron application with a embedded ASP.NET Core application. Via our Electron.NET IPC bridge we can invoke Electron APIs from .NET. The CLI extensions hosts our toolset to build and start Electron.NET applications.” (…)


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