Edition 22#

What the heck is a “Progressive Web App”? Seriously. (Article)

Ben Halpern

“This morning I went to write an article outlining a few tips about implementing a progressive web app (PWA). But when I went to introduce the topic, I again encountered what was the hardest part about the whole topic in the first place: I have a really hard time describing what a progressive web app actually is.” (…)

C# BAD PRACTICES: Learn how to make a good code by bad example (Article)

Radosław Sadowski

“My name is Radoslaw Sadowski and I’m a Microsoft Certified Software Developer. Since beginning of my career I was working with Microsoft technologies.” (…)

Angular 4: From Theory To Practice: Build the web applications of tomorrow using the new Angular web framework from Google. (Book)

Asim Hussain

“The first chapter in the course is a quickstart where you dive straight into writing your first Angular 2 application. We use the web editor plunker so you can get stuck in writing code ASAP. “(…)

Angular and .NET Core (Video)

Microsoft Visual Studio

“In this episode, Robert is joined by Ed Charbeneau for a discussion on using Angular with ASP.NET Core. Ed shows how to create an Angular app using the new ASP.NET Core project templates ” (…)

Mike Brocchi on Angular CLI (Podcast)


“Mike Brocchi teaches Scott about the usefulness and architecture of the Angular CLI, and about the proliferation of CLIs (Command Line Interfaces) in general. What’s the best way for you to create a new web app, and what can you do with the Angular CLI?” (…)

Angular Style Guide (Github)


“If you are looking for an opinionated style guide for syntax, conventions, and structuring Angular applications, then step right in. These styles are based on my development experience with Angular, presentations, Pluralsight training courses and working in teams.” (…)


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