Edition 19#

Welcome to C# 7.1 (Article)

Mads Torgersen

“With C# we have always tended towards major releases: bundle a lot of features up, and release less frequently. We even went so far as routinely omitting the traditional “.0″ when we talked about C# 6.0!” (…)

Dissecting the tuples in C# 7 (Article)

Sergey Teplyakov

“System.Tuple types were introduced in .NET 4.0 with two significant drawbacks: (1) tuple types are classes and (2) there was no language support for constructing/deconstructing them. To solve these issues, C# 7 introduces new language feature as well as a new family of types (*).” (…)

Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design (Book)

Robert C. Martin

“By applying universal rules of software architecture, you can dramatically improve developer productivity throughout the life of any software system. Now, building upon the success of his best-selling books Clean Code and The Clean Coder, legendary software craftsman Robert C. Martin (“Uncle Bob”) reveals those rules and helps you apply them.”(…)

Tuples in C# 7.0 (Video)

sekhar srinivas

“In this video, I will be discussing what is a Tuple and How to define a Tuple in C# 7 and also I will be discussing about the various methods that can be used in order to consume the results of the Tuples in C# 7.” (…)

Simon Brown on the Role of the Software Architect in a Continuous Delivery Environment (Podcast)


“This week’s podcast features Simon Brown well known for his work training software architects. Topics include the differences between a tech lead and an architect, how much documentation is enough and what that looks like in a continuous delivery environment.” (…)

first-timers-bot (Github)


“From our own experiences, we know the process of creating a pull request is the biggest barrier for new contributors. We wanted to streamline the process to create very simple contributor-friendly issues to help onboard more people to become Open Source contributors for the first time.” (…)


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