Edition 18#

Optimizing ASP.NET Core Docker Image sizes (Article)

Scott Hanselman

“There is a great post from Steve Laster in 2016 about optimizing ASP.NET Docker Image sizes. Since then Docker has added multi-stage build files so you can do more in one Dockerfile…which feels like one step even though it’s not.” (…)

Importing JSON Data from Web Services and Applications into SQL Server (Article)

Phil Factor

“To support many applications, it makes sense for the database to work with JSON data, because it is the built-in way for a JavaScript or TypeScript application to represent object data. It can mean less network traffic, looser coupling, and less need for the application developer to require full access to the base tables of the database. ” (…)

Kubernetes: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure (Book)

John Sonmez

“Legend has it that Google deploys over two billion application containers a week. How’s that possible? Google revealed the secret through a project called Kubernetes, an open source cluster orchestrator (based on its internal Borg system) that radically simplifies the task of building, deploying, and maintaining scalable distributed systems in the cloud.”(…)

Kubernetes Webinar Series – Kubernetes Architecture 101 (Video)

Janakiram & Associates

“Join us to learn the concepts and terminology of Kubernetes such as Nodes, Labels, Pods, Replication Controllers, Services. After taking a closer look at the Kubernetes master and the nodes, we will walk you through the process of building, deploying, and scaling microservices applications. Each attendee gets $100 credit to start using Google Container Engine. ” (…)

Git Source Control for Everyone with Dmitry Lyalin and Ed Thomson (Podcast)

.NET Rocks

“Git for everyone! While at Ignite in Orlando, Carl and Richard talked to Ed Thomson and Dmitry Lyalin about the latest updates to Visual Studio Team Services that includes deep integration with Git – not just GitHub, but Git the repository technology.” (…)

Dafny (Github)


“Dafny is a programming language with a program verifier. As you type in your program, the verifier constantly looks over your shoulders and flags any errors. ” (…)


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