Edition 15#

Secure your ASP.NET Core 2.0 API (part 2 – restrict access to JWT bearers only) (Article)

Jon Hilton

“If you read part 1, you know now what a JWT is and how to issue one.We’ve provided a convenient way for clients to gain access to restricted areas of our API… ” (…)

Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration. (Article)

Kent C. Dodds

“Yes, for most projects you should write automated tests. You should if you value your time anyway” (…)

Inside Windows Debugging: A Practical Guide to Debugging and Tracing Strategies in Windows (Book)

Tarik Soulami 

“Rethink your use of Windows debugging and tracing tools–and learn how to make them a key part of test-driven software development.”(…)

WTF is a Thread (Video)

Khalid Abuhakmeh

” Khalid Abuhakmeh (@buhakmeh) shows you how to use Stuntman with your ASP.NET MVC application to accelerate development around local authentication / authorization scenarios.” (…)

FitCode (Podcast)


“As a working professional model, Rian Buckley saw a problem, and started a tech company to solve it. A single code that doesn’t indicate a piece of clothing’s size, but rather its fit.” (…)

Draggable (Github)


Get complete control over drag and drop behaviour with Draggable! Draggable abstracts native browser events into a comprehensive API to create a custom drag and drop experience.” (…)


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