Edition 12#

ASP.NET Core Caching in Practice (Article)

Muhammad Rehan Saeed

” The Cache-Control HTTP header can be used to set how long your resource can be cached for. However, the problem with this HTTP header is that you need to be able to predict the future and know before hand when the cache will become invalid. ” (…)

C# 8 – The Shape of the Things to Come (Article)

Nikola M. Živković

” C# 8 is not scheduled anytime soon. After all, there is already work ongoing towards C# 7.2 and it looks like there are also plans for a C# 7.3. So, this revision is far down the road. Still, we can take a peek at some of the new shiny things that it will bring.”(…)

Algorithm Design Manual (Book)

Steven S Skiena 

“This expanded and updated second edition of a classic bestseller continues to take the ‘mystery’ out of designing and analyzing algorithms and their efficacy and efficiency.”(…)

How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASICS (Video)


“Get started making your first video game!” (…)

Patrick Smacchia on NDepend and Refactoring (Podcast)


“Patrick Smacchia is building NDepend to make refactoring and technical debt decisions easier. “(…)

Algorithmia (GitHub)


” Algorithm and data-structure library for .NET 3.5 and up. Algorithmia contains sophisticated algorithms and data-structures like graphs, priority queues, command, undo-redo and more. (…)


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