Edition 8#

Increasing Application Performance with HTTP Cache Headers (Article)

Heroku Dev Center

” The modern day developer has a wide variety of techniques and technologies available to improve application performance and end-user experience. One of the most frequently overlooked technologies is that of the HTTP cache.” (…)

51 Database Terms You Need to Know (Article)

Sarah Davis

“Lots of people talk about the exponential growth of data and how soon, we’re going to have more data than we know what to do with. However, not as many people are talking about the database aspect to this — but they should be! “(…)

Digital Nomads: How to Live, Work and Play Around the World (Book)

André Gussekloo , Esther Jacobs 

“Distance is an illusion. We are lucky to live in an age where planes and communication technologies have made the world smaller than ever. There are new opportunities galore. We are at the brink of a revolution that changes the way we live, work and play. And the good news is – you can be part of it. “(…)

Head to Head: Scott Allen and Jon Skeet – Scott Hanselman (Video)

NDC Conferences

” We’re back with another Stack Overflow Question and Answer session – this time with K. Scott Allen going up against Jon Skeet. In this session, Scott Hanselman will select five questions from Stack Overflow pertaining to .NET and will send these questions to Scott and Jon a week before the talk. ” (…)

The Ethics of Tech (Podcast)

Chris Ward , Cate Lawrence

“This week Cate and Chris discuss smarter ways to hire developers, ethics in tech and more.” (…)

ASP.NET Core ETAg middleware (Github)



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