Edition 7#

Composite UIs for Microservices – Data Composition (Article)

Jimmy Bogard

” In the last post, we looked at composing at the server side, both through composing through widgets/components, and then for data sources for a widget themselves, using model composition to pull data from multiple sources into a single model. ” (…)

What Makes A Good Data Scientist At A Small Company (Article)

Shanif Dhanani

“Data science is one of those fields that everyone’s talking about but few people know how to do “properly.” Schools are just now starting to pick up on how to teach it. Each company has its own recruiting practices when it comes to data science (heck, some don’t have any at all). “(…)

Cloud Architecture Patterns: Using Microsoft Azure (Book)

Bill Wilder

” If your team is investigating ways to design applications for the cloud, this concise book introduces 11 architecture patterns that can help you take advantage of cloud-platform services. “(…)

LINQ Basics – 01 – Initializers and Extension Methods (Video)

Ody Mbegbu

” In this video we see how to use Initializers and Extension Methods in C# ” (…)

CosmosDB with Andrew Hoh (Podcast)

Software Engineering Daily

“Different databases have different access patterns. Key-value, document, graph, and columnar databases are useful under different circumstances.” (…)

ExpectedObjects (Github)


” ExpectedObjects is a testing library implementing the Expected Object pattern. Use of the Expected Object pattern eliminates the need to encumber system objects with test-specific equality behavior, helps to reduce test code duplication, and aids in expressing the logical intent of automated tests.” (…)


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